Erhart York Township Fire Department

The Erhart/York Township Fire Association consists of the Erhart/York Township Firefighters/EMTs, past members of the Fire Department, and members of the community that wish to help support the Erhart/York Township Fire Department.

Prior to the Fire Department becoming a Township Fire Department in 2006, the Association ran the business affairs of the Fire Department.

The Association fundraisers, primarily the annual Swiss Steak Dinner held annually in October, have been able to help the Fire Department purchase needed equipment. Most recently the ice rescue equipment, and a special operations trailer. Not only does the Fire Association support the Fire Department but the York Township community also. Over the past several years the Association has donated AED’s to the York Township Historical Society, and donated money to local charities.

Over the past couple of years instead of donating money the association has worked to raise money for charity. The most recent activity has been fielding a Relay for Life time in Medina. This year the Association sponsored a Golf Ball Drop raising over $1500!!!

We would like to give all who have donated, helped out, or contributed to our organization in anyway a huge Thank You!! We could not be where we are today without you!!!!